Merry Christmas from K U A L A L U M P U R

Heyhoo from Kuala Lumpur!
It´s rainy saison here, same same as Germany:-)
This year Christmas means simple little joys and of course missing very much...
What a fun as we checked-in with Air Asia in Suratthani for our flight to Kuala Lumpur, as we see the crew behind the counter with sweet Christmas hairdress, can´t stop laughing:-)

One thing I can´t ever quit in my imagination is the relation between Christmas and snow. Christmas means snow and snowman. Y e s  sure...
Therefor a very sweet friend gave me a little, little snow globe for our travels,
YES my dear, I use it every day!
You can see it peacefully sitting with sweet little, little, little travel-buddha, 
another travel gift from a soulful friend.

While I believe in snow the man of my heart believes in soft german gingerbread. Since weeks we search for it through the countries.
Yesterday he finds salvation in a shopping mall, a big mountain of german gingerbread!
Now we are best prepared for christmas with simple little joys
which means so much...

Feel embraced wherever you are, 
have a wonder- and peaceful Christmas with the ones you love!
Most of all we miss our sweet son today, 
nothing, nothing, nothing can heal this,
hopefully a Christmas-Skype will...

L o V e  from the heart J. & J. 

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