P l a n t LOVE

My whole life I´m totally in love with plants but sometimes I´ve lost some because of wrong support. A few years I´m away from plants & my home was naked (I think a home without plants is kind of naked...) & THEN I fell in love with c a r n i v o r e...
& of course a little difficult...
But my love for plants glowed again.
Thats it...
Have a sweet weekend!

L o V e  J.


Markus said...

Hmm, when I only had read the title and seen the images of these meat-eating thingies, I started to re-think my own understanding of love: Up to now it woas not so much on the mantis-way of seeing partners ;)

But your text then made me sigh in relief.

J. L. T. said...

Markus, yes it´s not that easy to understand at first sight... the second touch with this notably plants goes deeper and one may understand how they "work"... a few friends are now infected with this special love:-)