A r t J o u r n a l L o V e

Since two years I have a very deep love for ART JOURNALING.
To work on a Journal is like deep meditation and everything I feel nebulous inside becomes clear while doodling and playing around. Mostly there is no goal in drawing only listening and seeing where the lines want to go. Very simple:-)
This is a Journal site from April 2014.
First I was gluing the text "Days in the wind" on a turquoise background
and then everything appears on it´s own...

L o v e  J. 


Angel Corrochano said...

Extraordinario trabajo, la armonía del color y la libertad del trazo conjugan a la perfección. Alegre y optimista lunes
Un cordial saludo

J. L. T. said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment Angel! Abrazo