Snorkeling with W H A L E S H A R K S in Oslob - Cebu - Philippines

No 1 on our bucket list for the world-trip was diving with whale sharks
but we got the wonderful tipp that we can snorkel with them on the Philippines!
So we went to Oslob on the Island Cebu to get that thrill!!

UAHHH, what a crazy shit!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these silent giants!
We were only one or two meters away from them
and sometimes you have to hurry, cause they haven´t got a briefing before *ggg*

Need adrenaline? Go snorkeling with the whale sharks...

After 40 minutes snorkeling with them 
we can´t come back on earth for hours...
Bucket list No 1 is done, incredible thing, never ever forgotten!

Happiest couple on earth!!
Greetings with so much L o V E 
J & J / Glücksritter

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Happy new year from S U G A R B E A C H / Sipalay / Negros / Philippines

Hi from the wonderful "Sugar Beach" in Sipalay on the island "Negros". 
The only way to reach this wonderful place is taking a little "Paddelboot-Tour" across the river and when you enter the land you  t r u l y  feel like Robinson Crusoe...

Beautiful empty white beach, no cars, no motorbikes, no long-tails, no sound.
Only a few little resorts, mostly with little Nipa-Huts.
No supermarket, no store...
Uah, this is  g r e a t !

Only nature, sound of the birds, the geckos, the waves, a few cocks, 
rustle of the trees and palms...
What a paradise...

We found a wonderful Nipa-Hut (traditional house made of nipa-palms and bamboo) 
with balcony on 1st floor at "Didai´s Garden Resort".
We had 24 hours to relax at this beautiful beach before Sipalay
was also encountered by a Tropical Storm called "Seniang"...

29.12. in the evening it became very stormy and the heavy rains were unbelievable, 
there was no end for the next 12 hours...
Everything was dark, no electricity, no water...
Next day we find many huts broken at the beach and 
palm leaves all around. 
As we did a little research in the internet 
we find the route of "Storm Seniang", 
w e  are located at the purple point.
The official death toll has increased to 53 people... 

Of course we are unspeakable thankful....

New Years Eve was calm and as relaxed as we feel since weeks. 
There were a few fires at the beach and only little firework.
We loved it like this!

Have a great start into 2015!
Our Adventures will go on for the whole year.
There are wish-wash plans of going to India in February,
we will see...

Feel embraced with  L o V E  J & J

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Merry Christmas from K U A L A L U M P U R

Heyhoo from Kuala Lumpur!
It´s rainy saison here, same same as Germany:-)
This year Christmas means simple little joys and of course missing very much...
What a fun as we checked-in with Air Asia in Suratthani for our flight to Kuala Lumpur, as we see the crew behind the counter with sweet Christmas hairdress, can´t stop laughing:-)

One thing I can´t ever quit in my imagination is the relation between Christmas and snow. Christmas means snow and snowman. Y e s  sure...
Therefor a very sweet friend gave me a little, little snow globe for our travels,
YES my dear, I use it every day!
You can see it peacefully sitting with sweet little, little, little travel-buddha, 
another travel gift from a soulful friend.

While I believe in snow the man of my heart believes in soft german gingerbread. Since weeks we search for it through the countries.
Yesterday he finds salvation in a shopping mall, a big mountain of german gingerbread!
Now we are best prepared for christmas with simple little joys
which means so much...

Feel embraced wherever you are, 
have a wonder- and peaceful Christmas with the ones you love!
Most of all we miss our sweet son today, 
nothing, nothing, nothing can heal this,
hopefully a Christmas-Skype will...

L o V e  from the heart J. & J. 


S a w a t d e e - Thailand - Koh Tao

Sawatdee from the sweet island Koh Tao!
Thailand became the second country on our world trip 
because we like to dive and relax on the beach...

As we arrive on this little island we came with a hard gastrointestinal-infekt.
In fact we were knocked out for nearly two weeks.
More time to acclimatize and at least walking like a slug, 
v e r y   s  l  o  w   l   y ...
Yes, we are totally chilled now...

We met a sweet couple from Hamburg here, they doing a longer trip through Southeast Asia and we have much fun together.

The days are beautiful relaxed only filled with the meditation on where and what to eat? Snorkeling or diving? Left or right way?

I feel like doing yoga again and there is a wonderful yoga school in the center of Sairee Beach, I can highly recommend it!

At night we sometimes like to sit at the "Lotus Bar" in front of the beach. 
They have the best Fire-Poi-Show at the whole beach, stunning...

Today is our 23th day on this island and tomorrow we will leave for new adventures and unknown countries. We will start with Christmas in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and on 26.12. we will fly to the Philippines for 4 weeks!
Y E S !

Btw. there are no christmas feelings at all because of the weather and sun and palms but we don´t miss it...

Merry Christmas with L o V e
J & J